10 Life Hacks 

Alright here we go with a collection of smart advice that has been given to me or I find to be helpful to hustle your way through life. And by no means I would claim that I always follow them, that would be more than wishful thinking… it would be a miracle. But maybe you would like to add one or two to your personal “life hack” collection!

1. Try not to judge 

We all do it and it is human nature to constantly monitor our environment and our fellows. But try not to judge on a person’s weight, hairstyle, shoes all the time… we and also you are so much more than that and it is such a waste of time and energy to fuss about things like that.

2. Be kind 

Yes, I know. Don‘t give me that. But we, including myself all are selfish and more self-centered than necessary. If you do good it will come back, not instantly maybe not even recognizable but somehow it will. #karmaisabitchindeed

3. Have no regrets

That surely is not a free pass for every bad idea that comes up in your head now, so don‘t blame it on me!! I am the worst over-thinker you can imagine and this should remind me not to be too reasonable and anxious and if opportunity arises then just follow you passions!

4. Become yourself 

Have the courage to life up to what your true self is meant to be. Don‘t be influenced by trends or the fear to not fit in. Remember, only dead fish go with the flow.

5. Be grateful 

Don‘t look on what you have not got especially in terms of material things. You don‘t have the right car, handbag or vacation destination? For F***s sake be thankful for what you got, not living in a war zone, having a healthy body, being able to love and being loved back. I think it is intriguing as it is an easy way to blame what you not have on what you cannot get. But if you want to live a happy, mentally healthy life then stop comparing!

6. Life is scary – So go out and slay

Life is unfair. And sometimes there are no words for the cruelty and the suffering humanity casts on itself. But there is so much beauty and preciousness to be discovered and despite the downsides, living in the digital age opens so many doors. So get your ass out there and add some value! Be innovative, be brave and don‘t believe in no. One day we will be in charge to justify to the next generation and all I hope for is, that we will not be accused of not trying.

7. Be persistent

As a 5‘7 model I am a certified expert in being persistent. Sometimes we were not given the assets needed for a smooth start. So if you are not a Kardashian then be persistent! Challenge yourself, be reliable, learn how to listen and more important how to ask the right questions. If things don‘t happen than forced them to!

8. Love is work 

Ok, that doesn‘t sound too romantic at first. But our grandparents did not spend their entire lives together because they magically were all caught in the “happily-ever-after Disney bubble”. They did not compare their wife or husband with Tinder profile‘s, they worked through rough patches, they communicated, accepted that over-time their partner changed and that humans are imperfect and will mistake in some way. Ultimately I think as social animals we all strive for love, but we should ask ourselves how much we really want to invest in it before we fall for a potential disappointment.

9. Only pack what you can carry yourself 

Oh yes, somebody should have told me that before becoming a model and constantly running around with suitcases equal to my own weight. And don‘t be fooled, there is not always a Prince Charming around the corner carrying your luggage.

10. Don‘t buy the shoes!

Nope and it is even surprising for me to give this advice to anybody but you really do not need a home stacked with stuff you will not even remember 30 years from now. Invest in traveling, invest in your education, invest in you relationship, invest in your health. We all don‘t know how short life really will be and your last thought surely will not be: “I should have bought the floral printed So Kate‘s!“

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