To write something smart, fun and catchy about yourself probably is the hardest part of setting up a blog.

And especially in my case prejudices are obvious – please not another model feeling the urge to torture us with her shallow lifestyle, cruel nutrition advice and 15 tips to get the perfect beach curls. But this blog will be different. My urge is to try to show a different angle on the life not only of a model, but of a young women living in the digital age in a continuous storm of information and images, seemingly portraying perfect lives of flawless people.

I am a model, a Master student of Economics and a digital influencer. I had the honour to work for a range of lingerie clients and renowned lifestyle magazine. And I have experienced first hand that still today it seems to be societal belief, that a woman living and displaying her femininity cannot be educated, capable or a leader.

I hope this blog will be about connection and empowerment, about change and reflection and that it will be another proof that you can be smart and in your underwear.


Aline Cara Luna Aline