Aline Cara Luna The Concrete Jungle

The Concrete Jungle


Big apple, concrete jungle, fashion capital, the city that never sleeps or even center of the universe – there are many names for New…

Aline Cara Luna Couture Dresses BYBUI

Couture Dresses BYBUI


Fashion has always been powerful to me. It has the power to transform and express our emotional and personal development. Fashion is a way…

Aline Cara Luna Flynn Skye

Flynn Skye


Made by a powerful women for powerful women. Designer Amber Farr dedicated her brand to her daughter and named it after her. Sex and…

Aline Cara Luna Really Red

Really Red


Really Red! Finding the perfect red lip stick is a bit like finding your prince charming: The range of colours and textures is almost…

Aline Cara Luna Worst Behavior

Worst Behavior


Summer days in Hamburg are a bit like the proverbial box of chocolate, you never know what you get!! And when sun finally decides…

Aline Cara Luna Aigner



Ever heard of Aigner? If not, then you better buckle up, some serious new bag crushes are waiting for you. The founder, Etienne Aigner…

Aline Cara Luna Military Obsession

Military Obsession


I have an obsession for military-style jackets. I literally cannot pass one with a least trying it. That is why I already call three…

Aline Cara Luna Les Georgettes

Les Georgettes


Wer kennt das nicht, man hat ein neues Outfit oder ist verliebt in eine Farbe, die aber so gar nicht in den eigenen Kleiderschrank…