Aline Cara Luna On being difficult

On being difficult


I am, what is in my industry considered a “sexy girl” – white, young, slightly underweight and pretty. You could now consider that this…

Aline Cara Luna Becoming Clean

Becoming Clean


I am clean. I think that this time, I really made it. It has been 6 weeks, 3 days and about 4 hours. And…

Aline Cara Luna Human



What makes us human? Is it the simple fact that unlike any other species we are able to self-reflect? Do we all have a…

Aline Cara Luna G-20 Gipfel in Hamburg

G-20 Gipfel in Hamburg


Das vergangene G-20 Wochenende hat mich fassungslos gemacht, in einer Zeit, in der man glaubt, schon jeden menschlichen Abgrund erlebt zu haben, haben es…

Cellulite und andere Desaster


Ich verbringe viel Zeit an Flughäfen und Bahnhöfen. Neben meiner ersten Leidenschaft den Duty Free nach neuen Kosmetikprodukten oder auch gerne Sonnenbrillen zu durchstöbern,…

Aline Cara Luna The Social Media Lie

The Social Media Lie


We all do it … everyday multiple times or sometimes almost non-stop. We all are addicted to the temptations social media has to offer….

Aline Cara Luna On Growing Up

On Growing Up


“Generation whY“ is what they call us. And I hate admitting that this is at least partly true. But it should rather be “Generation…

Aline Cara Luna 10 Life Hacks 

10 Life Hacks 


Alright here we go with a collection of smart advice that has been given to me or I find to be helpful to hustle…