Aline Cara Luna Selman Marrakech

Selman Marrakech


In my – not so humble – opinion there are only a few places that deserve the description “heaven on earth”.Selman Marrakech is  one…

Aline Cara Luna Royal Mansour

Royal Mansour


It does not happen very often that I am lost for words. And due to my profession and an inherent passion for travelling and…

Aline Cara Luna Beautiful Mallorca

Beautiful Mallorca


Auf Mallorca anzukommen ist fast wie nach Hause kommen. Wer wie ich, seine Familie strategisch klug über den Erdball verteilt hat, hat immer einen…

Aline Cara Luna Grand Hotel Heiligendamm

Grand Hotel Heiligendamm


Heute möchte ich Euch von meiner Zeit im Grand Hotel Heiligendamm berichten. Wie es sich für einen anständigen deutschen Sommer gehört war es ziemlich…

Aline Cara Luna The Adlon Kempinski

The Adlon Kempinski


During this year’s Berlin Fashion Week I had the great pleasure to stay at the famous Adlon Kempinski Hotel. It has already been my…

Aline Cara Luna Rome - the eternal city

Rome – the eternal city


Bella Italia!! Honestly, how can you not just love Italy and its countless attractions, diverse landscapes and fabulous cities? And in my personal opinion…

Aline Cara Luna Seychelles



I think the Seychelles are one of the rare places on this planet that get you pretty close to paradise. Cristal clear blue water,…

Aline Cara Luna Hotel Goals

Hotel Goals


I always had great admiration for architecture and interior design. Combine this with the world’s most beautiful places and you get some of my…

Aline Cara Luna Cape Town

Cape Town


I have spent a total of over 5 months in Cape Town and it really has become some sort of second home to me….