On Growing Up

“Generation whY“ is what they call us. And I hate admitting that this is at least partly true. But it should rather be “Generation What“. What should I do? And what if I fail? What if in an environment where competition is fierce the others are just better than myself?

No matter what I achieve, a degree, a job, a prestigious magazine publication or simply (or not so simply) keeping a more or less stable private life running, I am afraid that it is not enough, afraid of missing opportunities, afraid of losing pace and not being able to keep up, afraid of loosing time, afraid to disappoint.

Don‘t get me wrong I don‘t want to sound like a spoiled brat and I am extremely grateful of having such a supportive and loving family. But if I compare myself to my parents at my age I somehow feel that I am less mature and less straightforward than them.

But maybe their generation had the advantage that their youth has not been displayed on the internet and through that they also had less possibilities to compare with others.

Now besides figuring out how your professional career should look like, whether you would like to study or rather start your own business, having the first or maybe also the last serious relationship, start your own little family (gosh!!), being on top of your financial situation and being responsible for a million small annoying things you also live under a constant storm of images and snap from seemingly picture-perfect people, who have it all and that with no mentionable effort.

And that just doesn‘t exist so quickly forget about it! We all have our weak moments and softs spots, show me one person that is not sometimes lazy, irrational or a bit out of line. So don‘t go too harsh on yourself, embrace it, enjoy your occasional craziness and then get back to business. Luckily our life expectation is mind-blowing high so accept that on this long road will lead you through some bumpy parts.

I think you should just accept that unpredictability is party of an independent, adult life and do not see it as a burden but as a chance to do and see as much as you can. So take that gap year, screw internship number 12 and visit a yoga retreat in Bali instead and buy the damn shoes!!

Life really feels short and the best advice given to me was by my mother, who is an incredibly smart women: You only regret the things you did not do! So sit back and enjoy the ride!

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