Playboy Sweden

I am the first covergirl of the recently launched Playboy Sweden. Sounds pretty unbelievable even today, 12 days after the launch. Playboy Sweden is a non-nude edition, the US version also applied this concept a couple of months, apparently that didn’t work that well as it went back to its old style. Anyway I am beyond happy that I had the honour to hopefully be the starting point of a long tradition.

The images have been shot on the Seychelles, to be more specific on beautiful La Digue. La Digue is famous for its beautiful beaches and even though the island is not larger than five kilometres from coast to coast, travelling from one point to the other is pretty exhausting as there are no street and the landscape is pretty hilly so you either have to take the bike or your have to hike your way through the jungle. Sounds like fun? It indeed is, but humidity is on a felt level of 200% with a temperature above 30 degrees and occasional and unexpected monsoon rain falls. And on top of that I had the inevitable 4 am call times. It has been exhausting! And I have loved every minute of it!

The editorial has been shot by the genius Marc Collins, by far my favourite partner in crime. I am wearing designs from Agent Provocateur (I know, no real surprise) Fella Swim and Sommer Swim.

Aline Cara Luna Playboy Sweden  Aline Cara Luna Playboy Sweden  Aline Cara Luna Playboy Sweden  Aline Cara Luna Playboy Sweden


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  • Aline, you are in the history books with being their first covergirl and I am so proud of you that you have done this????

    Your Dutch friend

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