Really Red

Really Red! Finding the perfect red lip stick is a bit like finding your prince charming: The range of colours and textures is almost endless and you have to kiss quite a few frogs before finding the one that fits you perfectly.

Most important before approaching a solution to this problem of delicate nature 🙂 is that you know which kind of red fits your face the best. Do you need a warm yellowish tone or do you go better with a bluish and cold shade like I do? And then there is always the trade off whether longevity or hydration is more important for you. I personally cannot wear any of these 24 hour lasting lipsticks and I am really struggling with the most matte shades as I have the subjective feeling that my lips dry out.

Aline Cara Luna Really Red

Aline Cara Luna Really Red


I have decided to introduce four of my all time favourites: Two from Yves Saint Laurent, the slightly darker shade is named Rouge Volupte Perle (No.111), the other one is a really bright and clear red: Rouge Volupte (No. 17) I own quite a few YSL Lipsticks and Lip glosses as I think that in terms of texture and the most beautiful packaging ever, no one does quite a good job. By the way that is also the main reason why you won’t find Mac lipsticks in my beauty case – I just cannot deal with the boring packaging even if their products really are of high quality. Up next is the Soft Sensation Lipcolor Butter by Astor (No. 011 Feeling Feline) I really like that one because it is easy to apply, you don’t need lip liner and it hydrates your lips and makes them look fuller. Number four is by Dior, Diorific (No.1), a rich, dark and slightly purple shade with a matte finish that does not shine.


Oh and by the way: I am wearing a Self-Portrait dress, really one of my favourites at the moment. I think their designs are truly unique, a bit girly but in a cool and urban way.

Aline Cara Luna Really Red



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  • Aline, I have read the first fashion blog of my life. This was quite a learning experience I had no real understanding of the range of colours and styles and more importantly the challenge of finding the combination that best suits you. I guess as a man I can be forgiven for such ignorance. A great window onto a new world for me which thanks to you I will follow with interest and pleasure. Thank for sharing it was a delight to read. Kind Regards. Sath

    • Dear Sath,
      your ignorance concerning make up is forgiven indeed and certainly there are many other topics in a woman’s world worth exploring!
      But I am touched by your interest and hopefully we can also discuss other topics than just lipstick 🙂
      Have a nice day! Aline

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