Selman Marrakech

In my – not so humble – opinion there are only a few places that deserve the description “heaven on earth”.Selman Marrakech is  one of them. Lush gardens, a royal palace located only a short drive away from the turbulent city center and stables designed by the famous french architect Jacques Garcia.

Three short days went by too fast and the dedicated staff and the stunning architecture and plush interior design made me feel like a princess from a tale of 1001 nights. Something that I really took home is a newly found love for Moroccan interior design and if you share that passion, a visit to Morocco and especially to Selman Marrakech is mandatory. The play with light and shadow, fine wood carvings and stunning marble works melt into a beautiful pictures that never feels overloaded or intended.

Aline Cara Luna Selman Marrakech  Aline Cara Luna Selman Marrakech  Aline Cara Luna Selman Marrakech

One very remarkable thing about Selman Marrakech is its Spa. Yes, there are beautiful spa’s in many hotels around the world, but you rarely find one operating on a extremely high technologically level as Selman Marrakech does.

The beauty of the well-groomed stable complex is only surpassed by the radiant beauty of what live inside them. Arabian thoroughbreds, with a history reaching back to the 7th century, are probably the physically most beautiful horses. They may not be this popular in Europe, where especially German and dutch breeders of warmbloods celebrate enormous success in dressage and showjumping, but their intelligence, grace and gentle minds are legendary. I couldn’t help but spend hours at the stables admiring and playing with the horses, until I truly had a hard time saying my goodbye’s to them.

I have not sat on a horse for unbelievable six long years and I was super excited that I would have the possibility for a meet and greet with one of the horses of the Artist Chavalier Sadek El Bahjaoui at Selman Marrakech. There is a saying that a good rider can hear his horse speak to him, but a great rider can hear it whisper. Sadek is one of those great riders and it has been an unforgettable experience that he shared his talent and expertise with me. A luxury experience for any rider that once in a lifetime wants to get a glimpse into the work of the highest levels of dressage riding.

Aline Cara Luna Selman Marrakech  Aline Cara Luna Selman Marrakech  Aline Cara Luna Selman Marrakech  Aline Cara Luna Selman Marrakech

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