Swimwear to die for

Top 10 Swimwear Labels!

I guess it is time to confess my addiction. It is not smoking or alcohol, it is worse. I am a shopaholic specialized in swimwear, lingerie and shoes. That kind of addiction is a bit unfortunate for somebody living in a country with a 10 week so called “summer“, far away from the next beach and with cobblestones everywhere.

Nevertheless I would like to introduce you to some of my favorite swimwear labels. I am trying to avoid the usual suspects such as La Perla or Agent Provocateur as you probably already know them anyway.

The order is random, there is no best to worse, it depends a lot on your body type and whether you like to cast the attention on you or not 🙂


Bold, eccentric and clearly only for fashionista‘s, photo shoots or if you want to ban all the attention on you. The Nigerian-American designer Buki Ade is shaking up the fashion industry with her unique designs, incorporating African trends with the “slay“ factor. For me having worn countless swimwear pieces in both private life and shootings I think her work is bar-raising.

Aline Cara Luna Swimwear to die for

White Fox

An all time favorite, not only for swimwear but also for every-day basics and summerly dresses! In terms of affordable, modern casual wear Australian‘s do it better!


A GERMAN swimwear label!! Believe it or not!! Minimalistic and cool design with sexy Brazilian fit and classic Italian cuts! Pretty recent on the market but definitely one to watch…

Same Swim

Yes,  a mother should love all her children the same way, but that very kid is just so terrific! This LA swimwear label is the perfect combination of innovative cuts, material-mix and a sexy but yet cool vibe. Oh, an unfortunately their products come with an impressive price tag…

Aline Cara Luna Swimwear to die for

Kopper and Zink Swimwear 

Another Down Under Label but unlike it‘s colorful and easy going colleagues Kopper & Zink is a lot more edgy, modern and sophisticated.

Aline Cara Luna Swimwear to die for


Fella Swim 

One of my personal favorites in terms of fit as the lycra or heat bonded material support certain party without squeezing others. Yes, I know that sounds a bit strange but I am sure the ladies know what I am talking about. And again thank you Australia for another sensational swimwear label.

Aline Cara Luna Swimwear to die for  Aline Cara Luna Swimwear to die for

RH Swimwear

Boho, colorful and girly designs and wearable cuts which are easy to mix and match. Ideal for a relaxed day on the beach with friends and without worries that your bikini may reveal more than you have intended.

Frankies Bikinis

A must-have for any Instagirl! Super sexy and worn by countless celebrities such as Kylie Jenner, Candice Swanepoel and Hailey Baldwin. Frankies Bikinis are made in Bali and LA and have a modern but yet timeless vibe.

Aline Cara Luna Swimwear to die for  Aline Cara Luna Swimwear to die for

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