What vegetarians should really bother us with

I have the slight suspicion that this post will not only win me friends.

I am sure you all know that one vegetarian or vegan friend that is constantly annoying you how you could be seriously still eating meat as everybody knows that animal are raised and butchered under awful conditions despite countless scientific studies proving the awareness and emotional variety mammals can experience.

That all is true and heartbreaking but I think that the consumption of meat products should not be avoided for the sake of peace of conscience, but as it is irrational and soon will be necessary for environmental and economic reasons.

And if you want to argue with moral reasons, than why not considering the sorrow people in Mozambique experienced as soy farmers deprived their fields to plant hectares over hectares of soy plantation needed to feed cattle in Europe or the US. To me it is morally not acceptable to support an industry harming not only the environment, but also withdrawing the dignity and the basis of existence of the local people, seriously arguing that this will create (lousy) jobs for (a few) field workers.

In the war-torn country Jemen there are 2,2 million people close to starvation while at the same time Germany alone discards 11 million tons of food worth 25 billion a year! This happens right now and if you are reading this blog you are probably in the comfortable situation, just as I am, that we do not have to worry about our nutrition and that seemingly all of this is far away and has nothing to do with us. But as often the true picture is a lot uglier than we would prefer it to be.

To produce one kilo of beef there are thirteen thousand liters of water required, to produce a kilo of potatoes it is only 100 liters. 95% of the soy farms in the Amazon rainforest region only produce for feeding livestock and cattle abroad. Currently 75% of the worldwide used farmland is solely used for planting crops feeding livestock for meat production. So the the issue is not be able to produce not enough food to feed every human being on the planet, the issue is an European and US market consuming such vast amounts of meat products, that the world trembles under the burden to produce enough animal feed and water.

Isn’t this the real ethical issue in a moral, environmental and economic way? How can we claim the right for eating meat on the cost of others and especially if these are less privileged as we are? I have been growing up with horses and my spend my childhood years on farms that also had cattle, poultry and rabbits. They were not spending their life’s under confined space conditions but outside, fed with the farm‘s crops, slaughtered in their familiar surroundings and sold at the local market.

This way of producing meet does not feel wrong to me but a meat production irrecoverable destroying natural resources such as the rainforest, contributing to an unfair distribution of food and limiting the possibility for a life in dignity for everybody only for the sake of super-cheap meat products for everyday consumption is just something I do not want to be a part of.

For anybody who is interested there are very interesting documentary‘s out there. I personally can recommend “Home – the movie“, “10 Billion“ or “Cowspiracy“

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